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A Good Front-End Architecture

Setting up a good front-end architecture is a fundamental step to start developing a web app or a website. Good practices and coding conventions are essential, but what about the structure? How can we conceive a good architecture that is maintainable in time? But most of all, where should we start from?

When I started thinking about the problem, I realized I needed a couple of things:

    I wanted a multi-page project (a web app or website).
    I wanted my project to support different screen sizes and resolutions, in other words: I wanted it to be responsive.
    I wanted the final product to be maintainable.
    I wanted the final product to be performant.
    I wanted to reuse the same template for any future project.


fixed header to your website

Adding a fixed header to your website ? Before you get that header fixed, here are a few scenarios that will help you decide whether this feature is right for your site. You may want a fixed header if:     Your website pages are relatively long and require a decent amount of scrolling in order to view all the content.    You have several pages, and your ultimate goal is to encourage the website visitors to view them all.    Your website represents a company,an organization or a brand, and you want to strengthen the branding by constantly displaying your logo at the top of users’ screens.     Your header design can stylistically complement any part of the page (it’s important that a fixed header looks good and feels natural even as your visitors scroll further and further down).

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How to setup UEFI - BIOS for native UEFI bootloader


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D5300 Overview Training Tutorial

Tony Northrup


0:47 - Buttons, dials, doors, memory cards, & physical controls
1:52 - Taking your first picture
2:30 - Using Live View
3:24 - Using the kit lenses, manual focusing, and VR
7:09 - Recording video
8:13 - Reviewing and deleting photos
9:34 - Setting up your camera
11:18 - Choosing a camera mode
15:53 - Auto exposure and exposure compensation
17:21 - Flash exposure compensation
20:00 - ISO/camera sensitivity
21:10 - Shutter modes
23:55 - Focus modes
25:22 - Shooting RAW
26:32 - Bracketing
27:03 - Using the histogram
28:10 - Precise focusing
29:17 - Using the intervalometer/shutter timer
30:36 - Locking the mirror for sensor cleaning
31:11 - My recommended D5300 settings

Teenage Monologue on Death

Extreme Sitting On People Prank Tara Rose
Teenage Monologue on Death