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How to Use AdSense?

How to Use AdSense? First of all, of course, you need to have a good website (a blog is also a website!) with good quality content available on it. If you already have a website, you can apply to get AdSense approval from Google. Upon receiving your application, Google's automatic software will visit your website to see if it meets the criteria mentioned in the Google's AdSense policy. Following are some of the points you need to keep in mind before applying for AdSense approval (these advices are based of Google's policies):

Your website must be a top-level domain. That is to say that the address of the website that you are submitting for approval should look like or A website URL like will be rejected by AdSense Language of the content on your website should be in the list of supported languages. Every languages is not supported by Google AdSense. For example, currently, English is supported but Tamil is not. …

How to Protect Your AdSense Account

How to Protect Your AdSense Account from High CTR Fraud Google is very strict about their TOC, which become handy to many hackers who don’t want other people to earn money from AdSense. You should learn how to monitor your AdSense reports by analyzing the CTR via Ad Units, Countries, Clicks, Ad Locations and etc. Each of this category can show you different metrics of estimated and current earnings on that present day. Make sure the CTR is are under 5% for all your websites over 1000 page views in total. This may vary according to the number of page views, but make sure they are below 5% for large page views.

People know how to get an AdSense account within 3 days, but never know how to protect it completely. Previously many people have written about protecting an AdSense account from click bombing. But this article is little different, as a new cyber attack on AdSense accounts took place on March 27th 2013. You should act quickly to protect your AdSense account, as Google doe…

How to add money-making Google AdSense ads to your blog or website

How To Add Google Ads To Your Website Here's how to add money-making Google AdSense ads to your blog or website.
You spend a lot of time and effort on your website and blog. Why not get compensated? Here's how to use Google AdSense to generate a few extra dollars for all that hard work.

To use AdSense, you first need to create a Google account, if you don't have one already. Then head to the Google AdSense website.

To create an ad, just click on the My Ads tab.

Type in a name for your advertisement. Note that each ad name should be unique. Use the Size pull-down menu to select one of the ad sizes.

Use the Ad type pull-down menu to select one of the three available types. The Text & image/rich media ads is the default type. Choosing this allows your ad to display either plain text or a graphical ad.

If you want to be able to track specific sections of your site (or a specific site if you have more than one), you can create custom channels.

Select one of the Backup ads. This d…

Adsense how application approved

Help to get your application approved Savvy publishers like yourself can avoid common application pitfalls by being mindful of the trouble areas below.

Payee/Contact Name
You must be able to receive checks made payable to the name on your AdSense application. AdSense applications with incomplete names won't be approved.

    For business accounts:
        Enter the name of the organization in the 'Payee Name' field
        Enter the name of the person in your organization who manages the website in the 'Contact Name' field
Address Only AdSense applications with valid mailing addresses will be approved. Please provide your complete address including as much of the information listed below as is available for your location.

    Street Address (including house number, street name/number, flat/apartment number)
    City / Town
    State / Area
    Zip Code
    Country / Territory

Need extra help filling out your name and address? View an example here.
Email Address
    The email a…

AdSense program policies

AdSense program policies All publishers are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these policies without permission from Google, we reserve the right to disable ad serving to your site and/or disable your AdSense account at any time. If your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.

Because we may change our policies at any time, please check here often for updates. In accordance with our online Terms and Conditions, it's your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted here. Exceptions to these policies are permitted only with authorization from Google.

Invalid clicks and impressions Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods.
Ad impressions An ad impression is reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on your website. Different ad forma…

Branding Guidelines

WebSearch, AdSense for Search, AdSense for Shopping, and Product Placement AdsDisplay of search box The Google search box may appear virtually anywhere on your site. However, there are some specific policies governing its appearance, placement, and use.     Any use of Google branding in association with the search box must be in accordance with the  requirements of the Use of Google brand features section.    The search box may not be pre-populated with a search term.    You may not include more than two Google search boxes on any web page. Display of search results* To ensure the highest quality product, the content and ordering of Google search results may not be altered.

Any special formatting (e.g., bolding of query terms) received in the feed from Google must be preserved.

*Unless otherwise indicated, “search results” refer both to web search results (results from across the Web) as well as site search results (internal results from your site). Mandatory and optional elements You mu…

Retire Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network has been to help advertisers and publishers improve their performance across the affiliate ecosystem. Cost-per-action (CPA) marketing has rapidly evolved in the last few years, and we’ve invested significantly in CPA tools like Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Conversion Optimizer. We’re constantly evaluating our products to ensure that we’re focused on the services that will have the biggest impact for our advertisers and publishers.

To that end, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients.

We’ll continue to support our customers as we wind down the product over the next few months. And there are other products that can help you achieve your goals. Affiliate publishers can continue to earn AdSense revenue through the AdSense network. And marketers can take advantage of other CPA-oriented Google tools like Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Conversion Optimize…

Your site's pages are ready for AdSense

Make sure your site's pages are ready for AdSense
To be successful with AdSense, you need pages with unique content that's relevant to your visitors and provides a great user experience. Before you apply to AdSense, we recommend you check out our tips below to make sure your pages are in good shape.
What's special about your pages?

There are lots of sites out there already, so think about what it is that makes your pages unique. Your aim is to create original and relevant content that keeps users engaged and encourages them to read more.

Consider how you arrange the elements (text, images, etc.) on your pages. Make sure your layout looks inviting and make sure visitors can easily find what they're looking for. Check out our user experience guidelines for tips on how to best organize your site.

It's also a good practice to provide a comment section for your visitors. Feedback from users who've used your site and read your content can really help you to improve y…

Applying Adsense Before Must Read

AdSense Terms and Conditions
Google AdSense Online Terms of Service
Last modified 2013-10-16.
1. Welcome to AdSense!
Thanks for your interest in our search and advertising services (the “Services”)!
By using our Services, you agree to these terms (the “AdSense Terms”), the AdSense Program Policies, and the Google Branding Guidelines (collectively, the “Agreement”). If ever in conflict, to the extent of such conflict, the AdSense Terms will take precedence over any other terms of the Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully.
As used in the Agreement, “you” or “publisher” means the individual or entity using the Services (and/or any individual, entity or successor entity, agency or network acting on your behalf), “we,” “us” or “Google” means Google Inc., and the “parties” means you and Google.
2. Access to the Services; AdSense Accounts
Your use of the Services is subject to your creation and our approval of an AdSense account (an “Account”). We have the right to refus…