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Seagate Business Storage Series NAS Unboxing

Seagate's new NAS products are available with hard drives (this makes sense) and WITHOUT hard drives (this makes less sense to me)

Create a base png

Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal 7


How to Create a Drupal 7 Proximity Search / Store Locator

How to Create a Drupal 7 Proximity Search / Store Locator with the Location Module and Views 


HTTP Strict Transport Security HSTS

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a web security policy mechanism which is necessary to protect secure HTTPS websites against downgrade attacks, and which greatly simplifies protection against cookie hijacking.

How we secure the web

For many of us, communicating, reading, working, and socializing on the Internet starts and ends with the web. So, any push to end mass surveillance must start there.
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'Off-the-Record' Instant Messaging Tutorial (encryption, authentication,...


Z and Real-time Transport Protocol

ZRTP (composed of Z and Real-time Transport Protocol) is a cryptographic key-agreement protocol to negotiate the keys for encryption between two end points in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone telephony call based on the Real-time Transport Protocol.

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Fight For The Future

"Mass surveillance is illegitimate. I'm taking steps to take my freedoms back and I expect governments and corporations to follow in my footsteps and take steps to stop all mass government surveillance."

Reset the Net: June 5th, 2014