Android V5 LimePie

Android v5-LimePie

Android Lime pie is the most eagerly awaited version in the android OS. Ever since the launch of version 4-the jellybean, it was rumored that a more powerful and advanced version is on its way. However the exact launch date of this Lime Pie is not yet officially declared.

Expected Features of Lime Pie

*. Some sources said in February that Google is now working on Linux 3.8 Kernel, which was expected to be for Lime Pie. If they were doing so, Android Lime Pie would be gifted with lower RAM usage and hence good speed and multitasking.

*. Babble, the cross platform messaging by Google, now known as Google Hangouts-will be a part of Lime Pie

*. Android Police found one Google Glass App , MyGlass, which could integrate Google Glass with Android Smartphone.

*. On top of all, a huge change is expected in Android’s User Interface as it may move from a brighter one like Gingerbread. The brighter UI was replaced by a dark one first in Ice Cream Sandwich.



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